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Let’s put your membership card
into the smartphones.
*There are various type of membership cards such as Free Subscription, Paid Subscription, Self-Registered Membership Card, At-Store Registered Membership Card or Store Application.
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How do my customer sign up for my store’s membership?
The store can choose whether to let its customer self-register for the membership card for free or charge its customer for annual subscription (next topic).
The store can also choose whether to let its customer sign up for membership card from the application (Payment is made via SMS for paid subscription) or limited the customers to sign up membership card only at the store by the staffs such as signing up at the cashier when the customer is making purchases or having a certain amount of purchases to qualify for membership cards etc.
Longdo Cards supports various type of membership subscription and also provide store application in the case of Ultimate Plan.
In case of Annually-Paid Subscription
Your customers can subscribe via the application and pay for the subscription on their phone bill. The store will receive the payment after processing fees were deducted at the end of each fiscal year or when the amount is exceeding ฿5,000
If you selected free subscription or only in-store subscription, there will be no expenses in this part.
I’m interested. How do I sign up?
You can easily try Longdo Cards for free by sign up with us here!
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I have some questions and concerns. What do I do?
Don’t bottle up your questions and concerns… Longdo Cards staff are welcome any of your questions and concerns. Just get in touch with us
อีเมล ไลน์: @longdocards โทร 02 108 1790